Friday, November 24, 2006


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I was up in Nagarcote last night and this morning I called home to Baltimore where the family had congregated at Brother Todd's residence. It is great to connect and hear voices of those you love. I love you guys!

I spent quite a bit today thinking about GRATITUDE. Traveling to countries like Nepal, unlike nothing else, reinforces how lucky I am. And WE are - as Americans - for that matter. The people that I see here - the ridiculous levels of poverty - the little 5 year olds that come to you with their hands to their mouth and their stomach - and yet nearly all the people that I interact with are happy on many levels.

It reminds me that the barriers of our minds are often the biggest barriers to happiness and self actualization. Find beauty in the simple things. Celebrate life through the laughter and sharing and giving with others. Seek out your passions, and focus on serving with your unique talents so that others may benefit.

I am so thankful for the people that I surround myself with. My friends, my family, and all the people that Grand Dynamics has connected me with. For those that CHOOSE to spend time with me. I am thankful for YOU for reading this.

Life is very short - and we all have limited capacity for our time in life. SO - make the most of it - and help others to do the same.

Make someone's day today - and I mean a totally RANDOM person's day by doing something - anything - that will bring a smile to their face.

Above all - live life with a continuous ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE -



Ryan said...
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Ryan said...

ok, so i'm figuring out how this works - hi tim! 20.5 hours into transit, about 12 left. midnight at the singapore airport - checked the news and it talks about the shopping frenzy. reason #1 to leave the u.s.a. during the holiday season. see you soon, try not to lose anything else important.

Mandy said...

Beautiful Tim. Kaizen and safe travels.