Friday, December 29, 2006

Back in Thailand Again

This blogging is a new concept for me. Keeping up with various random internet connections has made thing a bit difficult.

Anyway - here is my summary of what had happened in Thailand over the last few weeks:

We cruised through Bangkok - to Krabi - and on to Ton Sai. Interestingly enough, we met two people on the way. One guy, Stefan, was standing in line behind us in Bangkok and offered to take some of our luggage as we were over the weight limit with gear. Another guy, Marcus, we met in Krabi and shared a cab to Ao Nang. Both seemingly random, and both of whom became great friends throughout our time. I ended up traveling on with Marcus after I left Josh and Ryan....

The focus of this portion of the trip: Sport Climbing - climb as hard and as much as your body will allow.

We arrived for the full moon party and all passed out at 9:00pm after exhausting travel. Over ten days, we had climbed hard and sent many routes. Falling was a very frequent thing. On my second day, I was climbing a hard 5.11 route that is a high profile climb - right in front of the Freedom Bar with lots of people watching - and took a 15-foot whipper while trying to clip the anchor at the top of the route. As expected, I let out a nice yell to attract lots of attention. Right after, I began taking sign ups for the “lets make this look much harder than it actually is club.” No one signed up...

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