Monday, December 18, 2006


Friday December 1, 2006

We rise at 5 AM and are eating rice and chicken by 5:15. By 5:16 I am racing back to the guest house for the bathroom. My stomach is not in good shape today.

At 5:30 I head to the market for a few last supplies. Snacks for the day - and a critical tool - the MACHETE. We are learning the ways of Cambodian jungle travel. Ryan forgot his shoes last night so he heads to the market for a replacement pair. Somehow Ryan manages to find the ultra-cool sneakers - even in a Cambodia market in the middle of nowhere. The Bofangs. I think he gets the fashion award. That Hansel is sooo hot right now! (Obscure Zoolander reference)

We head off once again toward our objective. Josh reviews the plan with the drivers while Ryan and I are in the market.

We have a long moto ride today as we head to the other side of the mountain for a different approach for the climb. After several small stops and discussions with locals, we eventually get to a place where we think we should turn off. Sam Boa, the mountain with the granite slab, is clearly in the background. The excitement builds as we are realizing that we are headed in the right direction. If we can only get a side path toward the base!

The moto drivers have never been this way. There is some argument as to whether you can even drive down this particular path. We drive through someone's yard and find a tiny side trail. The moto drivers are making it happen.

We continue on and we are about a half mile or so from the base. It is perfect. I can't believe that there is a trail to where we are and we actually found it!

We have another long discussion about meeting later and our ridxe back out. Samoot is animated - as always. He has picked up that Josh is shooting photos for Mad Rock and keeps shouting over and over - MAADDD ROK! AAANNNNNGGRRRRLLLYYY ROK!

Josh tells them that we will be back some where between 5:30 and 7:30. I know that they understand that they will be back at 5:30. I am not sure they understand that we might be late. i ask josh to make sure and he say that he has clearly explained it.... And then Samoot bust into the whole Mokwai thing again...

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