Friday, December 29, 2006

Landing in Moscow

I managed to make it to MOSCOW! I nearly froze last night as I wandered around the city. People here just don't speak English. Imagine that? The vibe here is so different than Thailand, and it is just crazy. Talk about culture shock. I spent the majority of today looking for a historic banja house (bathhouse). I got lost when I diverted my attention from the terrible map I was using for a few moments. I asked over 30 people for directions and got nothing but NO and scowls. On the 31st, I found the bath house. How much failure does it take to achieve a desired end result? After about the 25th time, I started laughing each time and getting excited for the next rejection. I was starting to set a personal best!

So I finally got to the bathhouse. Good fun. Get naked and hit yourself with birch leaves. Steam so hot you think you might just pass out - and then cold plunge. Russian fun! I am solo so it will be an experience. Tonight I will head out to try out the nightclub scene. Should be interesting, I will let you know how it goes…

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