Friday, December 29, 2006

Ton Sai Interviews

I interviewed several people about self-actualization and realizing your potential. One of the highlights was Francois, a French guy that is 63 years old. He still onsights 7B (5.12+) - which means he climbs a new route he has not seen without falling. He is 63! He spoke about all that climbing has done for him and the transference between climbing and life. He is quite the inspiration and a model for me as to the physical and mental fitness that I will maintain through out my life.

One part of self-actualization is having a positive vision for your future. When you find people that you want to model your life after, find out what they have done so you can copy it! Visualize yourself being physically strong, fit and happy and that is what you will become... Your mind leads you to action, and it is the action that produces the results you desire....

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