Saturday, December 16, 2006

Why Ton Lope?

We arrive back at the guest well after dark. The evening at the market is filled with animated discussions about the possibility of the area for climbing.

What would it take to attract any significant number of climbers, or travellers, to this area to actually have an impact on the community? Who would want to come to this place anyway? This village has no mention in the lonely planet. No reason to come here.... I'll tell you who would want to come here - someone in search of a real adventure - where the culture and the experience is the primary factor.

A few descriptors:
Not a single person speaks English. We still have yet to see another white person. It is so hot I feel like a stick of butter melting throughout the day. My stomach has so many continuous issues that I am just accepting this part of the travel equation.

Yet deep down this feels like the perfect adventure, at the perfect time. The people here are absolutely amazing. I cannot help but smile. They laugh as we attempt to speak Khmer. We are making an honest effort - and they realize that. After one day you feel like you are being welcomed. We sit at our food stand and eat a papaya salad. Just when I thought I couldn't see Ryan sweat any more - enter Papaya salad.
Our mouths are on fire...and the internal heat is ridiculous...

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