Monday, January 1, 2007

2007 - The Beginning

This is going to be the most incredible year of my entire life. I am filled with optimism, excitement, and passion. I begin the year with a very fulfilling conversation with Nathalie, from Switzerland. Funny, she is Italian, living in Switzerland, and speaks French. I am an American, with roots from Germany and Scotland. We are in Russia. We communicate in Spanish. Pretty interesting.

We reflect on the past year, and on the notion of facilitation and leading others to solutions through reflection and questions. This leads us into the theories of relationships and Self Actualization. The conversation flows and later on I pause to think about the new beginnings that 2007 will create.

How have you transitioned into the new year?

Have you clarified your visions, roles, and goals?

What is it that you desire to create in your life in the new year?

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