Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Grand Intentions - and... Heli Skiing?

Grand Intentions - and... Heli Skiing?

Read this brief story and think about the power of intention, serendipity, and attracting things into your life....

I got back from climbing the Grand Teton (again) yesterday and this wacky thing happened to me and for some reason I feel inclined to tell it to you. IN BRIEF - the climb was full of wind, snow, rain, sun on summit... fully adventuresome. i took up Brian Iguchi and Lilly - Sam's (Teton Thai) sister whose married to Brian... We come off the rappell - which you may or may not know the final free hanging rappell REQUIRES two ropes. So we're just about to leave and I see this guy throw the rope down that stops in the middle of the overhang. Bad news. So I shout out to him... he's freaking out. So I get another rope up to him and he, and his 16 year old son, make it down inthe midst of raging storm. It turns out is is Theo Minor who runs an Alaskan Heli Guide Operation, proceeds to thank me over and over. His first words as he was still hanging on the ropes were, "What do I owe you?" Nothing, Man. No worries. Just glad to help." I reply. "No - really - you save my ass!" He proceeds to go on and on and offer me a free Heli-Skiing day in ALaska! Sweet. I'll have to put that on the list now! Wacky, eh?

What's most interesting about this whole experience is this: My INTENTION I set for that day and the meaning of this particular climb for me was on giving - and how I can be more reception and aware of opportunities to give in random situations. Then this happens... sweet... Don't you love the power of intention and paying attention to serendipitous occurences?

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