Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Summer of 2007 - Highlights

Well Well - What a Summer this has been. Here are a few highlights.

Grand Dynamics Highlights
Grand Dynamics has been rocking this summer. Our home office in Jackson Hole has been delivering a variety of our classic adventure based team building events. Our AMAZING RACE EVENTS have been quite the big hit lately, and for good reason. This event includes navigating throughout Jackson Hole in small teams with SUVs. Teams use GPS Units and make their way to scenic JH locations where a multitude of unique problem solving activities are presented by our GDI Enthusiologists! - Yes - Our staff! We've also been quite busy with grant writing and delivering small business consulting with several small businesses here in Jackson. It's great to see the vison of a small business and help those entrepreneurs transition that vision into reality. Jamie Reilly has been instumental in the business management and development. He has also been keeping busy as a professional actor and been featured in several local plays here in Jackson Hole. Jamie - You're tha Man!

Our New England Division has been very busy this year as well. Will Leggett has delivered many events across New England and developmed many strategic partnerships with Resorts and Meeting Planners. Way to go Willie!

As always - Grand Dynamics fuels my passion for providing amazing experiences for teams and the platform for personal and professional development. I look forward to sharing those experiences and insights for many years to come.

Seeking True North - This is a soon to be published book that I have written with Erick Erickson. We are very excited to see this project finally be available to all of our past, present and future clients. The book is a story of personal and professional development and packed with Models, Methods and Tools to take life to a higher level. The main characters are Freedom and Beautiful. The story plays out as they attend a leadership retreat and learn lessons from an Older and Younger Facilitaor. As the tools are referenced in the story (the first half of the book), the reader can flip to the second half of the book to discover a bit more about each of the tools. The book is scheduled to be published in November and distributed in the new year. Thanks to everyone that has been a part of this project in one form or another.Stay tuned!

Reality Television?
The world of wonder - a production company in LA - contacted Grand Dynamics after searching for an ideal team building company to be the focus of a new Reality Televion show. The demo reel for that will be available in the coming weeks on line. This should be an interesting one!

BRING IT BACK - this is a film project that I have been working on with Scott Fessler. Scott is a child hood friend of mine and it is great to reconnect with him. The film is about the transition from my Tsunami experience and eventually going back to deliver the funds to the orphanage two years later. Along the way - the adventure travel focuses on my First Ascent in Cambodia. The philosophy part and deriving theme is about Self Actualization and how we all perceive what it means to live to our own true potential. More on this in future postings!

Rock Climbing and Mountaineering
This year has been an incredible climbing season for me personally. I have climbed many incredible routes, which I will post in more detail in the future. Every time I go into the mountains I come away with a deeper understanding of who I am, how I face challenges, and what is most important to me. This topic deserves significant writing in itself and I will definitely be posting more about this. Of Course - having an article in Climbing Magazine's EPIC issue this month has been quite the amazing thing. Talk about a dream come true.

Quantum Physics
You are what you think and thoughts are things. Energy is real. You create your reality with intention. These concepts have been on the forefront of my mind and this will be another topic of significant interest. I look forward to many posts on this topic and to hear your insights on them as well.

Okay - that's it for right now. I am off to pick up MASTER RICK ERICKSON at the airport. We have several multi-day retreats and other pojects we will be working on together over the coming months. I look forward to writing more - and creating some thought provoking insights for you to consider.

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