Monday, December 3, 2007

The Marrakesh Marketplace

Sunday morning came early and we firmed our plans to visit the orphanage in Aut Aurir on Monday. We arranged some travel plans and got plane tickets for 30 euros (45$) from Marrakech to Barcelona on Dec 13.

The market was an amazing experience: curious tourists mill about trough dancing cymbal players, Tarot card readers, snake charmers (yes - it’s true!). Snail soup, goats head stew, grilled surprises are all at your hands at hundreds of stall. The shopping was crazy. Jewelry, clothes, glasses, lamps, the hand of Fatima (personal favorite) and a multitude of trinkets.

We finished the night off with a massage and scrub down at the local hamman.
This is the Moroccan version of the spa. Big steamy cellar with buckets of hot water. As we started the massage I thought the guy was going to rip my arm off. This continued with being scrubbed and having buckets of water thrown on us! Old school.

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