Monday, December 3, 2007

On the Way to Todra Gorge

We made to yet another bus in Marrakech. This time to Ourzazate en route to Todra Gorge. We are tired. The travel has taken a toll and we desperately want to get climbing again. The bus is filled with Arabic ring tones buzzing, multilingual conversations (French, Arabic, Berber, our English.) Throughout all of our bus rides we have yet to see another Caucasian traveler.

I wonder about all this travel and the idea to come all this way. What will Todra Gorge be like? I peer out the window as we round a mountain pass and see snow. Will it be too cold to climb? Have we made a major error in judgment with the climate? Will my shoulder be okay to climb hard? Many questions fill my mind. Soon I will have the answers!

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