Monday, December 3, 2007

The Overnight Bus Ride to Marrakesh

If you've never taken an overnight bus in a foreign country, it’s well worth the experience - once. Fortunately for me, I was completely exhausted so the random music, chatter, frequent stops, swerving and at times very unnerving sway of the bus only kept me up half the night. Ryan’s seat didn't recline and he kept getting drips of water on his leg from the window so he wasn't much better off! We have arrived in Marrakech and the for once the bus has arrived on time. (This is the one time we wanted it to be late). It is 5:30 am; it is freezing and pouring rain. Ryan and I both feel sick and it is getting worse. We curl up on a hard bus station seat and attempt to sleep our way into the morning when we can find a place to stay...

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