Thursday, November 16, 2006

Airport Shinanigans

The trip had a classic beginning. Prax had called it the night before... Ya I am sure Tim will be late, running to the airport, or the plane will be held for him or something.... I was determined to prove him wrong. A storm raged all day and night in Jackson and the roads were all ice. I arrived EARLY at the airport. I approached the counter with a big smile, which lasted about 1 minute when the agent asked for my PAPER tickets. A shock went through my body as I vaguley recalled the tickets I had received months ago. Apparantly that wasn't on my detailed packing list. Who uses paper tickets any more? Russian Airlines do - that's who. "The absolute latest you can check in is 8:00." "How am I supposed to achieve self actualization if I can't get on my flight?!" It was 7:30. I dropped my bag, which Tuttle grabbed for me, and I sprinted out the door. "Don't kill yourself!" The agent shoted words of "encouragement."
I made it home in 18 minutes - and miraculously made it back to the airport at 8:01. White knuckles and sweating - I sprinted through the airport for the first time on my trip...

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