Friday, November 17, 2006

Trans-world Airtime

After the mad dash to make the flight, I sat on the tarmac in Jackson for an hour. The runway was icy and the snow continued. I arrived in SLC at 9:50 AM - the same time my flight was to depart for JFK, NY.

Mark Tuttle, who had the same flight to catch for his trip to Slovakia, was about to explode with his desire to make the flight. We Ran - Sprinted - through the airport to no avail. After some alternative searching, my flight pattern was re-created. "This is going to be interesting..." the agent 'comforted' me. I need to be in Bangkok by 10:00 AM on Thursday morning so i don't miss my flight to Kathmandu.

The result....
  • Jackson to Salt Lake
  • Salt Lake to Houston
  • Houston to Paris, France
  • Paris to Moscow
  • Moscow to Bangkok
  • Day lay-over - and Bangkok to Kathmandu

Because of my return layover in Moscow - I had to go through it on the way. So, all in all, I get to Bangkok in time to make the flight to Kathmandu the next day. I remind myself again to remain open, embrace the process, smile, and live life with gratitude.

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