Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PEACE IN NEPAL - Major Historical Landmark

I am in a small internet shop in Pokhara, Nepal - awaiting a delayed flight back to Kathmandu. I just finished my trek yesterday and I will fill you in on that later.

Last night I returned to MARCHES in the STREETS. As many of you have seen, or maybe not, (I am not sure how large this international news is) a major peace treaty was signed today. This ends a decade - old "People's War" with the signing of the Comprehensive National Peace Treaty between the Maoist representative and the Prime Minister of Nepal. A few highlights of the peace Pact;
Ceasefire to be permanent - Armed struggle ends.
The state and the Maoists won't resort to recruitment
Maoists and Nepali Army fighters confined to certain regions or barrack of Nepal
Both sides will tell each other where the land mines are - and remove them with 60 days
Not more extortion or illegal taxation

This is all huge news. There is a very interesting history of Nepal. The Maoists are actually really liked and are know as the Mountain Police. They do tax the tourists (yes I had to fork up a whole $3.50 in taxes when I started my trek) so that they can help the mountain people. (In brief) basically - not very many people like the king here.

Anyway - time is short and I have to go catch my flight. Will write more later...

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