Saturday, November 18, 2006


I see the god in you. :o)

Kathmandu is a mad house. Sensory overload to the max. Tiny streets with rikshaws, bikes, motorcycles, tons of people, bells, music, incense, horns, sites, dancing, stuff and more stuff, lights, sounds, horns, dogs howling, and more horns. Watch your front, watch your back, stay alert. Pay attention.

I rode my mountain bike all through Kathmandu today - talk about a wild ride! You natural instinct is to swerve right. Bad idea here. To the left, use your bell, take initiative and stay confident.

I am off on an 8 (hopefully) hour bus ride to Pokhara to trek near Annapurna tomorrow. Someone tonight told me it too 16 hrs yesterday because of all the accidents. Good one.

Psyched to be heading into the Mountains. A Sanskrit translator I was talking to on the plane here spoke about mountains being conscious beings. I'll see if I can find the message...

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katja said...

Hi Tim, Mark told me to try it this way to get in touch with you. We are planing our vacation for next year and we would like to visit you around the first week of june. Are you at home around this time? Please give me a quick answer, because I have to book our flights tomorrow. You also can give me a call: Germany- 07504-971002 or mobil Germany 0160-93720326
Hope to see you soon.
Have a good time in Nepal.