Friday, November 24, 2006

Seeking True North

Rick "ErickShaw" Erickson and I finally put the finishing touches on Seeking True North. Well, a few very minor updates from our editor, endorsements, etc... and it will be going to print this late winter. Anyway - the book has one prominent model - which in brief includes three P's. Prepare, Practice and Passion. After interviews with multiple people around the world so far about self actualization, I am even more convinced of the efficacy of the model.
By the way- so far I have interviewed people from:

There have been many interesting themes - which I will come back to later. However - I am constantly reminded to Seek True North.

As we round out the new year, remember to Prepare to visualizing desired end results, setting goals and dreaming the life you want to create - to Practice by seeking out those models, methods and tools that will facilitate our success, and to live life with PASSION - every second of every minute of every day.

And remember to drink a few ErickShaws over the holiday season:
One Cup Ice
On shot Lime Juice
Fill glass with Tonic Water
Shake and enjoy with a lime...

Rick - you are the man - and I must tell you - Today - I not only rode in a Rikshaw through Kathmandu today - but I drove one through Kathmandu! I said your praise as I swerved through the streets and nearly ran over a small child - but that is another story...

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