Sunday, November 26, 2006

Travel Connections

So there I am in the airport in Kathmandu awaiting the plane to Bangkok. Who do I see? Brian Harder - a fellow Jackson-ite with his fiance, Dana (I think it is Dana...) Classic to see folks from Jackson in the middle of around the world travel. Of course, Brian is one of those guys I would expect to see. Quite the "Hard Guy" in my opinion. They had just finished up 25 days trekking, climbing and power shopping in Nepal.

We spoke about his early days climbing with Jim Collins (Good To Great) and how Jim is still climbing 5.13 in his late 40's. Rock On!

The transfer through Bangkok was interesting as always. Three hour delayed flight and eventually make my way into down town and meet up with Josh, Ryan and John for the first time of the trip. Energy High - Anticipation High - Excitement - High.. and rising!

Time: 11:30 PM We proceed to go out and rip it up in Bangkok for several hours and head out for the airport at 4:00 AM. The next three hours were quite rough....

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