Saturday, November 18, 2006

Self Actualization & Maslow

Here are a few quotes from responses I have gotten so far...

"Just to survive"
"Most have to be able to be secure. Most people know about 99% that they can achieve certain things. It is that 1% that get in the way."
"To love yourself"
"Most people are just lazy"
"Travel, man, Travel"
"To live good life"
"To expand the mind"
"To live out good characteristics - everybody has it in them, you just have to cultivate it!"

Throughout my conversations about what it means to be self actualized, many references have, on some level, been made to Maslow's theory, many highlighting that self actualization is part of one of the five stages.

i thought is would be privy to have this model to consider. Maslow- we have all heard it and vaguely know that he has the one with the Self Actualization Model, right?

According to Maslow, here are the five stages, or needs that must be met, that one must progress through to achieve self actualization.






What do YOU think self actualization is??????

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