Friday, December 8, 2006

Bong Lee

We arrive to the taxi station. The crowds form and the offers begin to fly. The going rate is $25 for the drive. We get a connection and our driver appears - Bong Lee. A very chill, yet sage-like, Cambodian "driver". We jam all our climbing gear - including a full trad (traditional rock-climbing protection gear, like cams and slings) rack, two ropes, two boulder pads, our personal bags, the cameras, tripod... packed.

The inevitable traffic danger ensues. We are in the thick of it and Bong Lee puts it in reverse. CRUNCH. Traffic accident. Fender bender. We pull over and the other guy is irate. I mean screaming at the top of his lungs "You owe me money for scratching my bumper" kind of irate. The funny thing was the amount of other scratches he already had on his car. Every crevasse had a scratch on it. We start to get a bit on edge that this guy is going to just snap, but Bong Lee is very Kung Fu-Like. So, after much debate, Bong Lee coughs ask us to help him out with $10, he add in $5, and we are off.

He tells us he couldn't see because of the boulder pads blocking the rear view mirror!

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