Friday, December 8, 2006

Moped Madness

Okay - so the moped riding is a bit ridiculous - in a great way. 5 people on one. Small families. Tiny kids sitting on handlebars. Girls riding side saddle. Not uncommon to drive completely against traffic to get into the lane you want to go.

We walk out of the bar headed back to the guest house. Just ahead we see four mopeds, each with two to three people on it, bank into a hard turn. They proceed to gun it and the front runner runs an intersection into an oncoming car.

The car slams on the brakes, the moped swerves and barely avoids becoming a hood ornament. But the swerve is too much. The moped overcompensates, swerves out of control, and goes down. "Holy Sh*%$!" "WOW" "WHOA" "Do we have some serious injuries going or what?"

We begin to jog and rapidly approach and, just as we near, they jump back up, brush themselves off, and are off again - speeding recklessly.

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